Freebie: Best Friends Quickpages

These quickpages were made with a kit called “Best Friends,” but unfortunately that kit has disappeared from my Dropbox and I can’t find my backup DVDs at the moment.  So, I can share the QPs, but no kit to go with them.  Hopefully I’ll come across them eventually, but in the meantime, enjoy these layouts!

They’re all in one zip file, just click the image.

Freebie: Cardboards and Painted Splats

I’ve decided that the daily posts are just really hard for me to keep up with, so I’m switching to weekly, and I’ll stop splitting things into little bits and pieces.

In fact, to start this new process, I’m posting 3 little element packs.

This first one, I  had posted in the Pixel Scrapper commons, but I kept getting “problem reports” about the jagged edges.  Well… seriously, people – they’re torn cardboard. They’re supposed to be jagged.  So if you can’t stand that, don’t download these! 🙂  And if you don’t mind, enjoy!

Oh – and a note, the one in the center, the silver hearts on the pink paint, is also in the ‘February Love’ freebie that’s posted here. I’m not sure how that happened.

The following pack is some more pretty cardboard pieces:

And finally, here are some paint splats:

Blog Train: Scrap Twist February 2020, Kaleidoscope

This month’s theme is so bright and happy!  Here’s a preview of what you’ll get if you follow the whole train – and note, a couple of previews missed the cut-off, so there are actually more than these!:

And here’s my part:

This color scheme is just about my favorite, ever.  I tried some different settings on my glitter program and came up with these plastic-style glitters.  They’re not sparkly really, and I kind of think they look like colored sand, but I thought I’d share them and let you see what you think.

Just click the image to download!

Here’s the rest of the train:

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