Freebie: Be Bright Glitter Paper Day 1

I’ve done the daily downloads before, and it’s very possible (even likely) I’ve given away this set of glitter papers before. 🙂  But I’m starting the process again, and I’m going to try to be consistent!  I’m no longer selling my designs, and I’d hate to see them just sitting on my hard drive doing nothing.  So, I’ll be posting them here in bits and pieces.

A while back I made a full bundle called “Be Bright.”  These glitter papers (I love glitter papers) are the first part, and I’ve broken it into three days worth of downloads.  Today you’ll get the green and blue!

Click HERE to download the green and blue glitters.  Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget to keep checking back!

Blog Train: ScrapTwist Free4All May 2019, Vibrant Alleyways

This month, I’ve joined a new blog train at ScrapTwist Free4All, which is a really friendly forum I came across recently.  Check out the forum if you are looking for a friendly scrapping home!  In the meantime, we’ve got a gorgeous blog train this month, with a theme revolving around exotic destinations, vibrant alleyways, and gorgeous colors.  I’ve made a glitter pack for you to enjoy.  Just click the image to download! 🙂  And scroll down to see a preview of everything you’ll get by following the train.

Here’s a preview of the whole shebang:

And here are the stops!

Rush Ranch
Nellie Bell
Marniejo’s House of Scraps
Songbird Scraps Designs
tp designs
Brandi White Designs (You’re here!)
Moore Blessings Digital Designs
The Brown Owl
LEA Art Designs