Quick Note About Comments

I really appreciate when you leave comments, but I’ve been getting more spam comments than I can deal with – so for now, I’ve turned them off.  Please feel free to leave a note on the Dropbox download page instead, if you’re so inclined, and if not, I completely understand!  Thanks!

Freebie: Undated Weekly Planner Printable

I’m a paper planner junkie.  I’ve tried every possible planning app for my phone, tablet, or web and I just can’t get past the fun of a paper planner.

BUT, I’ve had a horrible time finding one that’s exactly what I want.  I ended up making my own!  And since I have seen SO MANY of them online, I thought I’d go ahead and share this, in case anyone else can use it.

It is a letter-size PDF file.  Sorry, I’m not good at resizing for different formats, but there are instructions online for printing it in different ways if you’re interested in that.  If you can use it, great – and if not, that’s great, too!  🙂  Just click to download.